Eli Creek- a must see destination.


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West

Eli Creek is a must see destination when you are exploring K’Gari and is a stunning location of extreme natural beauty. With its crystal clear fresh water it is the perfect place to set up for the day. Especially when you are travelling with young children as it is not too deep.

Eli is the largest creek on the eastern side of Fraser Island, approximately 4 million litres of freshwater flows into the ocean every hour.

The water has been underground for over a century, then filtered up through the sand- it is extremely fresh and extremely cold! Ideal spot to cool down in those warmer months.

This beautiful ‘lazy river’ is very popular with visitors to K’gari. You’ll see all manner of floating devices such as unicorns, the occasional bin chicken or even just pool noodles as people enjoy the gentle drifting from inland out to ocean.

There is a beautiful boardwalk (200m each way) that takes you through the pandanus, banksia and paperbark trees that grow alongside the creek. Keep a look out for the myriad of wildlife that calls this stunning location home. Birds, lizards and even freshwater fish that swim in the creek.  Follow the boardwalk to the end and then float back down to the ocean.

When driving, take care while crossing the creek. Be sure to stick to safe driving times as its fast-flowing water can cut out deep channels in the sand. It is best to cross 2.5 hrs either side of high tide.

Driving at the wrong times can be costly, so relax and have a swim until the tide goes out and you can cross the creek at the lower end of the beach.

Eli Creek can get pretty busy so early morning and late afternoons are recommended to have it more to yourself.

Ask us to include Eli Creek into your customised itinerary when you hire one of our self drive 4wd’s, and you will see it truly is a stunning location!




Freshwater Track and Lake Poona

Lake Poona taken by Aeroaus in collaboration with Adventure Centre 4wd HIre

Freshwater Track and Lake Poona.

“Not all those who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

If you’re doing a day trip to Double Island Point, Freshwater Track and Lake Poona are worth adding to the itinerary.

Freshwater Track is located off Rainbow Beach Road 4km out of the township of Rainbow Beach and heads through bushland all the way through to Teewah Beach.

It is often used as the way to get to Double Island Point if Mudlow Rocks are impassable due to rock exposure or high tides.

The track is beautiful; as it takes you through eucalyptus bushland, lush rainforest, coastal heathland and ends on the sand at Teewah Beach.

Make sure you check out a couple of sites along the way!

Firstly- Lake Poona.

This perched lake is a 2.1km each way walk from The Bymien picnic area. The walk takes you through dense rainforest with hoop and kauri pine as well as strangler figs and piccabeen palms.

The bird life is awesome too- listen for wompoo pidgeons and whipbirds whilst trying to spot eastern yellow robins and red backed fairy wrens to name a few!

The lake is bordered by a white, silica sand shore and is stained an orange tone that merges to a deep maroon colour as the water gets deeper- this is caused from the tannins of the tea trees that surround the shore. A great place to cool off after the walk there!

Often you are lucky enough to have the place all to yourself and it is so relaxing to hear nothing but the abundance of bird calls and water lapping on the shore…

The walk out there is not too difficult- a slight uphill for half way then down for the rest and then it works out the same for the way back.

Secondly- The Freshwater Day Use area.

The highlight to this spot for me is spotting the HUGE goannas that you will see plodding around here! Also, bonus-there are toilet facilities and picnic tables here.

All in all, Freshwater Track and Lake Poona are definitely worth checking out – we usually recommend a circuit through the track out to Double Island Point then home along Rainbow Beach (depending on the tides of course) if you are doing a self-drive 4wd day trip in the area- a great way to see the variation of the surrounding bushland that this beautiful area has to show off!

Check out this site for more info on The Cooloola Recreational Area: 

Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (des.qld.gov.au)

The shifting sands of K’gari’s coastline.

The shifting sands of K’gari’s coastline.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta


K’gari, formerly known as Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world; has been formed over 100’s of 1000’s of years as ocean currents, winds and waves brought drifting sands from miles away- some sands have travelled for millions of years and from as far away as Antartica!

The drifting sands formed a line of sand islands along the coast of Qld – South Stradbroke, North Stradbroke, Moreton Island, Bribie Island and K’gari.

The sands shift and reform to continually expose and cover a unique geological history- the coastline of K’gari is constantly evolving. The western coastline of K’gari loses metres of sand every year! However-don’t worry- the eastern coastline gains metres so it all works out!

Evidence of the dunes changing can be seen all over the island in the coloured sand cliffs and formations such as The Pinnacles- where the wind and rain have shaped the sandstone into cathedral like spires of multiple colours.

Driving along the beach highway of 75 Mile Beach you can experience the changing landscape for yourself- there are multiple creeks, washouts and sand erosion- often you can note changes from day to day!

The beach conditions are different every day, with every new tide. When driving on the beach is important to note tide times and the size of the seas which can have a bearing on safe driving windows. Doing the research before you go is an important part of your 4wd trip!

We work out the safe driving times and give up to date local knowledge of beach and track conditions to ensure that you have no need to worry!

Another reason why it’s a great idea to organise your 4wd Adventure with us!

More great information on the shifting sands of K’gari and how it was formed can be found here: https://www.fraserisland.net/fraser-island-formation

Rainbow Beach and the coloured sands legend.

Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre self-drive 4wd parked at Double Island Point, looking back towards the coloured sands, across the lagoon with a yacht moored.
Exploring the coloured sands with Aeroaus and The Adventure Centre 4wd Hire

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”
― Danny Kaye


The coloured cliffs of Rainbow Beach form a natural art gallery that is constantly changing due the rain, wind and sea eroding the sandstone and causing different colours and patterns to be exposed.

There are 72 different shades of sand – created from iron-rich minerals over thousands of years.

Aboriginal legend tells the story of Rainbow Beach:

Way back in the dreamtime, there was a beautiful maiden called Murrawar who fell in love with the Rainbow and she would clap her hands and sing to the rainbow who would visit her every night.

One day an evil man from a distant tribe, Burwilla, saw Murrawar and stole her to become his slave/wife. He was very cruel to her, beating her and forcing her to do all the work while he sat in the shade admiring his killing boomerang which was bigger than the tallest tree and filled with evil spirits.

Finally Murrawar was able to escape and ran along the beach as fast as she could.

Burwilla’s killing boomerang chased after her and as she fell down too tired and frightened to run any more she cried out for help.

Suddenly a loud noise was heard in the sky and Murrawar’s faithful rainbow could be seen racing towards her across the sea.

The evil spirited boomerang attacked the brave rainbow and they met with a noise like a huge crash of thunder. The impact killed the boomerang and shattered the rainbow into thousands of little pieces.

As the coloured pieces of the rainbow landed on the beach the sand dune magically transformed into the coloured cliffs that we all know and love today.

I never tire of seeing the view of the coloured cliffs and I know how lucky I am to be able to see them while driving along the beach every day.

Experience the freedom of exploring them at your own pace and marvel at their beauty by hiring one of our self-drive 4wd’s. They’re definitely worth a look!

Basin Lake- a Different Adventure on Fraser Island

Tree framed pathway leading out to the sandy shore of Basin Lake, K'gari.
Basin Lake on Fraser Island Image taken by @kirstablestravels


“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a top priority.”
― Richard Branson

I love sending people on adventures to different areas on Fraser Island that they may not have heard of. It’s always good to try to surprise people with more than they expect- and K’gari definitely delivers on that!

Basin Lake is one of those places that I try to fit in on our customers self-drive 4wd adventures where possible.

I love it because a lot of the time you can have it entirely to yourself! Absolutely perfect spot for a swim to refresh after the walk out there. The scenic track is 2.8km each way through lush rainforest and is not difficult.

It is amazing to think that all of that lush vegetation grows directly out of the sand- a soil known for its lack of nutrients!

Basin Lake is a football field sized, black water, perched lake. A perched lake is a waterbody formed above sea level; organic sediment hardens on the bottom and the lake is actually filled with pure rainwater. It is amazing to think that Fraser Island has more than half of the worlds perched lakes. There are around 80 perched lakes in the world and K’gari has over 40 of them!

The start of the walk is located at the Central Station Day-use area (this is where logging families built their homes and school in the 1920s- way before the island was World Heritage Listed).

In this place you can also check out the magnificent Kauri Pines covered in Epiphytic Elkhorns and Staghorns.

The Kauri Pine was logged on Fraser Island– its wood was prized for ship building and flooring as well as other things. One of the largest recorded Kauri Pines was 255cm diameter at breast height. Sadly, those massive trees have been cut down- but there are plenty of huge Kauri Pines to view in this beautiful location.

Wanggoolba Creek is another highlight to see here. Follow the boardwalk along this crystal-clear waterway and you might even spot some eels swimming- the water is so clear that they look like they’re floating! You’ll also view the giant King fern (Angiopteris evectus) – which is very rare and is only found in two other places on mainland Australia. The King Fern has fronds that are up to 5m across!

Ask us to add Basin Lake to your Central Station visit when we design your customised itinerary for your self-drive 4wd Adventure!

Natural beauty and diversity on Fraser Island…

Camping site with tents looking over the K'gari beach (Fraser Island) at sunrise
Sunrise on K’gari-such a beautiful time of the day


“Always there has been an adventure just around the corner…and the world is still full of corners.”Roy Chapman Andrews

Fraser Island is definitely a place that is full of surprises. No matter how many times I go there- I’m still filled with wonder at the natural beauty every time.

Fraser Island is quite simply paradise- which is apt as its traditional name- K’gari – means paradise.

It’s the largest sand island in the world at approximately 120km long.

There is so much diversity in the ecosystems. I love that you can travel inland and one minute you’re travelling by way of lush rainforest, the next alongside eucalyptus bushland and the next you’re driving through wetlands and coastal heath.

There are rock pools, freshwater creeks and lakes of blue, green, orange, black and yellow.

There are camping spots where you can angle your tent to view the sun coming up over the ocean and don’t get me started on the stargazing! The lack of light pollution means that you see more stars than you could possibly imagine!

K’gari is full of adventures- give us a call about hiring one of our self-drive 4wd’s and start thinking about how amazing your time in this magical place could be!

Self-Drive 4wd Adventures-you CAN do it!

Rainbow Beach coloured sands- Pic taken by @outbackosteos in collaboration with @adventurecentre4wd.


“I travel because I’d rather look back at my life, saying ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘if only I had’.” -Florine Bos

We have so many customers say ‘I’ve never driven a 4wd before- am I still able to hire one?’ or ‘Do you think I can do this?’

The answer is you absolutely CAN!

The great thing about our business is that we take the time to go over everything you need to know- from a safety briefing to driver instruction you will leave our office knowing how capable you are!

We design customised itineraries and give up to date local knowledge of beach and track conditions to ensure you have an awesome 4wd Adventure!

There is nothing like the freedom you feel when driving on the sand with the windows down and that fresh ocean air flowing in. Turquoise water on one side, coloured sand cliffs on the other- it’s an experience everyone should have at least ONCE (or more 😊) in their lives.

We love it when people come back and say ‘That was one of the best things I have ever done’.

It’s why I love my job and this beautiful place- getting to send people on amazing self-drive 4wd Adventures.

So, if you’re wondering if you should- I can say for certain you MUST! You will not regret it.

Adventure Centre Self-Drive 4wd Hire – new things happening!

Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre 4wd 'Benny' parked on Rainbow Beach looking towards the coloured sands and Double Island Point.
Just another epic day in Rainbow Beach 20/07/21 11:30am

‘Life takes you down many paths, but my favourite ones lead to the beach’

As of the 1st of July, myself (Wendy), my brother (Bevan) and my sister-in-law (Trudy) have taken over the business from our parents so this is a new and exciting time for us here!

We have been running things for the last year or so- so not too many huge changes.

All of us have grown up in this area and love the fact that we get to share this place with all our customers, sending them on self-drive 4wd adventure experiences around this stunning place that we call home!

I’m going to start writing a short blog on all things Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island and Double Island Point; along with Adventure Centre 4wd updates- a new topic every time.

I’ll also soon start to post regular updates on beach conditions and a Mudlow Rock Report.

It has been a perfect winter week weather wise (say that 10 times really fast 😊)- glassy ocean, bright sun and clear blue skies. One of those weeks that makes you extremely grateful to live in this magical part of the world.

Mudlo Rocks are still easily passable 3hrs either side of low tide which is mid-morning for the next couple of days.

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Four wheel drive: HIRE or BUY?

So you’ve been bitten by the off road bug.  Had a taste, like the sand between your toes and the wide open spaces.  Trouble is, you’ve traveled in the back seat with a mate and you’re now thinking “I can do this!”.

The amount of people who want to “buy a fourbie” after hiring one for Fraser Island or to explore the local attractions around Rainbow Beach is on quite a regular basis.  And some of them have!  So if you’re weighing up one against the other here’s what we think:

  • Put your toe in.  If you’re trying before buying then hiring a vehicle (and sorry we are a little Toyota biased) is a sensible idea.  You get a feel for the vehicle’s off road, performance, reliability and comfort.
  • Staying on the road well traveled.  If doing the occasional off road trip to take family and friends then buying a four wheel drive is not viable.  Maintenance and running costs are considerable and because we as the hire company take all the guess work out of your off road experience it’s an all round package without the hassle.

Top Tips for beach driving

    • Whether driving on Fraser Island or Rainbow Beach vehicle access permits are required.  These beaches are gazetted which means Australian road rules apply.  Observe road signs and note regular Police patrols (whether 4WD or horseback!).
    • Drive to conditions, where beach driving is recommended during the low tidal window.  Tide times are provided by the Bureau of Meteorology and the general rule of thumb is 2.5 hours either side of low tide renders beach access – providing between 5-6 hours daily.  Whichever the predominant tide, whether high or low, tide times move forward approximately one hour every day.
    • Always check with manufacturer’s recommendations when deflating your tyres.  We keep to the general 22 psi on our fleet with off road tyres.  Taking a compressor is not a bad idea so that pressure can be varied according to conditions.
    • Avoid saltwater like the plague.  Despite the plethora of pictures, video footage and even off road advertisement! plunging vehicles through saltwater causes irreversible, irreparable damage.  Even salt spray up into the engine bay sees the lifespan of your alternator and starter motor shortened by 80%.  If anyone is wondering, no you can’t just rinse it off, the damage is done.
    • Freshwater isn’t necessarily your friend either.  Whatever the flavour, cold water on a hot surface brings about contraction which assists in grease and lubricants being expelled and in turn allowing water to be drawn in.  As a consequence components are left unprotected and ultimately fail way before their use-by date.  Alternator bearings, A/C bearings and pulley bearings are among the most susceptible.
    • Lift kits and raised suspension are definitely worth considering, particularly if wanting to explore off the beaten track on a regular basis.  Up to 40mm will not void your manufacturer’s warranty or draw the ire of Department of Transport.  It’s easily done and relatively inexpensive.
    • Rust proofing varies in format and application between electronic or chemical barrier.  Whichever way you decide, it’s a worthwhile investment if plentiful beach driving is on your agenda.  If not, know the flush points of your vehicle!