Eli Creek- a must see destination.


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West

Eli Creek is a must see destination when you are exploring K’Gari and is a stunning location of extreme natural beauty. With its crystal clear fresh water it is the perfect place to set up for the day. Especially when you are travelling with young children as it is not too deep.

Eli is the largest creek on the eastern side of Fraser Island, approximately 4 million litres of freshwater flows into the ocean every hour.

The water has been underground for over a century, then filtered up through the sand- it is extremely fresh and extremely cold! Ideal spot to cool down in those warmer months.

This beautiful ‘lazy river’ is very popular with visitors to K’gari. You’ll see all manner of floating devices such as unicorns, the occasional bin chicken or even just pool noodles as people enjoy the gentle drifting from inland out to ocean.

There is a beautiful boardwalk (200m each way) that takes you through the pandanus, banksia and paperbark trees that grow alongside the creek. Keep a look out for the myriad of wildlife that calls this stunning location home. Birds, lizards and even freshwater fish that swim in the creek.  Follow the boardwalk to the end and then float back down to the ocean.

When driving, take care while crossing the creek. Be sure to stick to safe driving times as its fast-flowing water can cut out deep channels in the sand. It is best to cross 2.5 hrs either side of high tide.

Driving at the wrong times can be costly, so relax and have a swim until the tide goes out and you can cross the creek at the lower end of the beach.

Eli Creek can get pretty busy so early morning and late afternoons are recommended to have it more to yourself.

Ask us to include Eli Creek into your customised itinerary when you hire one of our self drive 4wd’s, and you will see it truly is a stunning location!