Family Memories with a Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Camping Hire

Many children make cherished memories when they get to go on a camping adventure with their parents. Nights near a fire, exploring the land, and spotting the wildlife delight kids who remember those moments for a lifetime. If you are interested in a unique and fantastic experience, try cruising to Fraser Island with a four wheel drive camping hire.

The vibrant sands and marine critters will captivate your children. There is enough goodness in the region that you can’t see it all in one day. You may not even leave Rainbow Beach before being caught up in its beautiful landmarks. Visitors who want to see it all can do no better than by hiring a Toyota with Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre.

The best way to explore Fraser Island is a four wheel drive camping adventure. Entrusting one of our capable vehicles allows you to see all there is to see in a four wheel drive that can handle the coastal terrain of Fraser Island. You can take one of our vehicles all the way up to Indian Head comfortably, and your tykes will take in beach beauty unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Camping Rental for Your Kids

Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre is a family business that has operated for three generations of locals. They are the best choice for booking a family vacation and offer discounts for families with small children. Their Toyota hiring service makes accommodations for young adults, as well. We want your family to have fun with us.

When it’s time to rest for the night after a Fraser Island four wheel drive camping hire, Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre will help your family find the comfort they need to sleep. If your family is ready to post up a tent and sleep on the beach, we make camping kits available that are enough to suit your needs. We can also get you in contact with local hotels and resorts if your vacation calls for more exquisite hospitality.

See Wildlife During Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Camping Rental

As you enjoy your Fraser Island four wheel drive camping rental with your children, be sure to look out for the local wildlife. You can catch creatures you may never see at home, including humpback whales, turtles, dolphins and manta rays. Depending on the time of year, they appear at different times. Rainbow Bridge Adventure Centre can help you plan for the perfect sighting.

Australia’s east coast is an easy place to find humpback whales and dolphins on your vacation. Whales can be caught breaching the surface of the sea spontaneously around Fraser Island. If you’re lucky, one will bounce out of the sea to delight your children. Also, you can see manta rays all year round, but aggregate in the hundreds during the winter months.

If you’re tempted to visit Fraser Island, and you need a four wheel drive camping hire, visit us at Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre. We can help you form family memories that will last a lifetime.

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