Complete Comforts with Four Wheel Drive Camper in Fraser Island

Many of us spend a little too much time at work, dreaming about a sun-baked beach, the wind, the waves, and the serenity of a relaxing getaway. The rest of us want to bounce across the beach in a growling four-wheel drive (4WD), rumbling into a thrilling adventure. For those who want a little more excitement in their overdue beach escape, Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre is thrilled to offer their service.

Rainbow Beach is the portal to Fraser Island, Australia’s easternmost island. When the tide allows it, travellers to Fraser Island can travel across the moist seabed in their vehicles, enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre offers our guests four wheel drive camper rental to Fraser Island, supplying top-of-the-line vehicles that always thrill our customers.

For those adventurers to prefer to camp out on the beautiful, coloured beach, we provide camping accommodations that are enough to help you feel comfortable and prepared. If your party prefers a more sophisticated stay, we can also connect you with hotels, motels, and more. Get the best out of your vacation at Fraser Island with a Four Wheel Drive Camper Rental by Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre.

A Four Wheel Drive Camper Rental to See All of Fraser Island

The tide dominates the passage from Rainbow Island to Fraser Island. To help you arrange a secure vacation, we supply tidal information so that our visitors can enjoy themselves. Our family has been in business since 1999, so we carry generations of local knowledge. Because of that, we know all the best places to go as you travel Fraser Island with a Four Wheel Drive Camper Hire.

Before you leave the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, you can visit the highlights of the location. The Double Island Point surf side is a big attraction for those who want to hit the waves. We encourage all of our visitors to walk to the lighthouse; it is spectacular. When you’re ready, our four wheel drive camper to Fraser Island will take you on a comfortable journey.

Highlights in Fraser Island include Lake Mackenzie, Lake Birrabeen, and Lake Boomanjin, all near Central Station. You can take our state-of-the-art Toyotas all the way up the coast to Indian Head and Champagne Pools. We only use the best vehicles for hire so that every driver will feel comfortable and have a great time. They can stand up to the challenge of the beach terrain.

Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Camper Rental Your Way

We have camper kits and MAXTRAX available to make your camping adventure fully accommodated. You can escape to the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach in public and private campgrounds, wherever you are most comfortable.

In addition to taking a four wheel drive camper rental to Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach Adventure Centre can help you find the right accommodations for your party. Whether you prefer to camp out on the beach or are in the mood for a luxurious stay at a holiday house, we will get you connected.

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