Vehicle Rental Agreement

Rental prices include GST, unlimited kilometres, *basic liability coverage and parking. 

Briefing, tidal information, map and suggested itinerary included.

A $1,500 credit card security deposit applies for drivers 25 and over.

A $2,500 credit card security deposit applies for drivers 21-24.

All drivers must have held an open license for a minimum of two years.

*An automatic excess of $5,000 is included in the event of a multi vehicle accident.  Drivers over 25 years of age have the option to reduce the excess to a minimum of $1,500 by undertaking a collision damage liability waiver at $40 extra per day. The CDLW is mandatory for drivers 21-24 automatically reducing the maximum excess to $2,000.  Note there is no cover at this stage for any form of single vehicle accident damage where the hirer's responsibility for single vehicle damage is full.  Full cover can be undertaken at $65 per day reducing the multi vehicle damage excess to $1,500 and single vehicle excess to $8,000 (drivers over 25 only).