Central Station Rainforest

Magnificent Staghorn specimen - Central Station, Fraser Island

Only thirty minutes inland from Eurong Beach Resort lies Central Station.  So named as logging families built their housing and school here in the 1920's - well before the island was heritage listed.  Today it is a majestic public camp ground with all the trimmings.  Its location is ideal as it offers the best vantage point to Lakes McKenzie and Birrabeen as well as Wanggoolba Creek, home of the giant King Fern.  Further breathtaking specimens of kauri pine, brush box, Fraser Island satinay and piccabeen palms are also found in this area.

This tropical rainforest area includes unmanned information displays explaining the history of the island, its development and of course various forms of flora and fauna, some unique to the micro-climate of Fraser Island.

Close up of bug on a Staghorn tree fern - Fraser Island

Staghorn and Elkhorn tree fern canopy - Fraser Island